About me

Some people lose themselves in books. I found myself. And books continue to help me work out how to navigate my way through this life which is mostly joyful, occasionally treacherous, sometimes humdrum but always enlightening.

As a child I found a second home at my local library (for which I have deep nostalgia). I worked my way through the children’s section and then graduated to the adult library, where I mostly read the classics, starting at ‘A’ – Jane Austen, the Brontes and Dickens, being at the beginning of the alphabet, set the bar very high. These books were my first true loves.

After completing an English degree I spread my readerly wings into more contemporary writing where the books seemed a bit thinner! When I became a mother, I discovered contemporary children’s literature, and feel blessed to be living in such a golden age for that genre.

Today, I find myself in the north-west of England, a happy exile from the thrills of the nation’s capital where I grew up. My days consist of writing, reading and trying to make a decent fist of being a wife to one lovely husband and a mother to three amazing kids, all in or about to enter their teens.

When I started this blog I had no idea there were so many book review blogs out there – I just thought it was my great idea! There are some brilliant book bloggers on the web, and I am happy that I have discovered them as I launched on my own blogging journey. I have learned a great deal from reading their posts and admiring their sites. My aim is to speak to women, mostly mothers, who find it a joy, or perhaps like me, a necessity to read, and who find they have to carve out little spaces in their beautifully busy lives to indulge in a book.

If that is you, I promise to give you the best suggestions I can, to help you make the most of your reading time. I’ll give you mostly fiction, a bit of non-fiction, and we’ll revisit some classics from the big names, which you may not yet have enjoyed. I’m planning to get my kids earning their pocket money and reviewing some of the stuff they’ve read too. We’ll hopefully have some fun along the way and share our thoughts about life and literature.