Life without a computer!

I have a poorly computer and so it’s off at the repair shop getting its hard drive replaced πŸ™

I am typing this post on my mobile phone and whilst it’s truly amazing what these little devices can do, I’m afraid I can’t face typing a book review! So this month’s Reading Challenge book (On a Shoestring to Coorg by Dervla Murphy) will have to wait until next week. 

It’s amazing how dependent we now are on our technological connectedness. I’m just hoping the computer repair lady is able to retrieve all my data from the corrupted hard drive…not least the several thousand words of my book that I’ve written since we last backed up!

On the plus side, lack of computer has given me lots of ‘found time’ for reading, so I’ve been able to finish two books this week; The Essex Serpent as well as the Dervla Murphy. And that’s been rather nice!

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2 thoughts on “Life without a computer!”

  1. I’d be interested to know what you thought about Essex Serpent. We read that a couple of months back in the book club. Chosen for no other reason than we loved the cover!! Is that the worst or best reason to choose a book I wonder? You’ve reminded me to sort out my back up. Would be tragic to lose information. It seems all our lives are caught up on the computer nowadays. Fingers crossed for yours


    1. Yes, computer back up and running and it appears nothing lost, so a big sigh of relief. Yes, I liked The Essex Serpent, and I think liking the cover is a very good reason to read a book – I do it all the time! I found the ending a little strange, anti-climactic, but on the other hand, the ‘happy ending’ would have been very contrived. So, at the moment, I have mixed feelings, though I did love the richness of the writing. As I ruminate further, I might grow fonder!


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